Great Places EP

by battery stanley

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stuff (mostly 2015) that I shouldve put out when I made it, but I didn't until now. stuff largely written & recorded in one night. stuff that's been languishing in my itunes library basically


released October 20, 2016

written and recorded by jess awh



all rights reserved


battery stanley New York, New York

my name's Jess and I am from tennessee

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Track Name: familiar haunts
You make me angry
let me be honest, i never meant to yell
you've got your best friends
that's what I wanted,
I get so jealous, I tell myself

that it's all so arbitrary--
I think I'm a visionary,
but I never speak and you beat me at everything

All your friends are so young and so cute and so fun
and they're all so much smarter than me

in their little towns,
hangin out
falling back asleep
if I knew their familiar haunts
oh I bet they'd notice me
I keep giving up, moving on
cause they never notice me
Track Name: Fathers Day 2
Let's play golf on the railroad tracks
you'll beat me and i'll be caught in the traps
i never told you it hurt, so how could you know?

& everything I ever said
was to look good for you
i made 2 pecan pies
with you in mind this morning

You think you're just like anthony bourdain
we forgot my mother's birthday
she likes fresh daffodils
your warm touch gives me the chills

Sometimes i think if i don't change,
i'll turn into you when i grow up--
you ruined everything, even
pancakes with syrup
Track Name: Hypatia
Are you wide awake? Do you wanna break the walls down?
Are you terrified of me
all the poison drinks inside my elevator head,
and the starlight glistening

February, i was wondering how to find you
but i never thought to ask
now there's an angel in the swimming water
and she tells me we can last

You're a useless mess, i don't know how i need you
we are rocks and waterfalls
when you ran away with my pepperoni pizza,
I was sure you had it all

But february, i was answering your phone calls
my fishy, rope-swing love
now there's an angel in the swimming water
and a mountain right above

I fall in love
with everyone I talk to, it's an
eight-ball waiting game
I held you off
I wanted not to see you at the
bottom of the lake
february I was wondering how to find you
but I never should have asked
now there's an angel in the swimming water
saying drown inside your glass

you've got fish tank eyes, you're much too drunk to love me
in your girder guard-rail town
will you ride away on your bicycle above me
so I can't see if you drown

february, I was wondering how to find you
with the angel on your back
now I realize you're exactly where I want you
I might have a heart attack
Track Name: sublime heartache
I'm sick of going out in my skin
eating poison vitamins
laughing like this world never hurt me
how the hell would you know?

I'm sick of eating toast for breakfast
trying to ignore the pushback
in my throat when I leave home,
I tried so hard to swallow

I'm happy knowing that I'm safe
the landscape helps distract from the pain
and I'd have hurt myself even worse than what you saw,
but I woulda lost my job